30, July 2014

Tetrosani - Khutsubani connecting road to be rehabilitated

Kobuleti municipality villages of Tetrosani - Khutsubani connecting road will be rehabilitated. At this stage, 2 km - long section is being asphalted but before the drainage system installed...


30, July 2014

Georgia Lelo Championship was held at the first time

Georgia Lelo Championship was held at the first time. Armed Forces rugby team will take part in the competition in different squads. The winner of the Third Brigade Group become...


30, July 2014

Beach Football International Tournament

"Friendship Cup" remains in batumi. Beach Football International Tournament Batumi "Dinamo" won. The team won the championship for the second time one after another. During the summer time Batumi player at first won the Georgian tournament, but today the game ended with the victory of the International Tournament....


30, July 2014

Revenues Services revealed several attempts of drugs bringing to Batumi

Revenues Services in Batumi airport and at the Sarpi customs revealed several attempts of drugs bringing. According to the office, an Iraqi citizen, arrived at the airport, and in his hand luggage the 100 pills of the drug-containing medicines have been discovered ...


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Television of Ajara has moved to new satellite
TurkSat 2A/3A   42.o E
Frequency (MHz)  11 472
Polarization  H
Symbol Rate  23 450
FEC   5/6

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