President visited Shukhuti

15, April 2012

In connection with the Eater holiday Leloburti was held in Guria. The tradition is observed in Guria every Easter during the last three centuries.  Zemo and Kvemo Shukhuti are fighting for 16 kilogram ball.
The winners of the 150th game became Zemo Shukhuri. They needed 3 hours for this. The ball was brought to Karlo Gorozia cemetery, who has died 4 yeas ago. Georgian President watched the game. Mikheil Saakashvuili visited Shukhuti together with his wife and younger son.
President met with the locals and has congratulated them with the Easter holiday. Mikheil Saakashvuili has visited Imnaishvili family in Shukhuti village. President talked about Leloburti traditions and Lanchklhuti development plan with the 92 year old Tina Imnaishvili, who was participating in the Leltoburti during 40 years.

Leloburti is a traditional Georgian folk sport game that was played in Georgia from ancient times and is still played on occasions in rural areas.




Television of Ajara has moved to new satellite
TurkSat 2A/3A   42.o E
Frequency (MHz)  11 472
Polarization  H
Symbol Rate  23 450
FEC   5/6

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