Zaur Putkaradze responded to the Presidentís statement

31, December 2012

Ajara Agriculture Minister responded to the Presidentís statement.  According to Zaur Putkaradze, the President is mistakes as 60 % of citrus are already exported fro the region. 56  thousand tons of harvest were gathered in Ajara this year, however, only of 40 thousand tons are valid.

As for the price, Zaur Putkaradze explains that the price for 1 kilogram of tangerines prices are fluctuating 40-60 tetri, and 15 tetri subsides is added by the government for 1 kilogram. 

Ajara government has allocated 1,5 million GEL for the farmers, however to get the additional sum, the farmer should form a corresponding act on delivery with the buyer, for what signatures of the representatives of the district administration are also required.

Whether the citrus was exported to the Russian maker the last year, the minister declared that he doesnít know about it.




Television of Ajara has moved to new satellite
TurkSat 2A/3A   42.o E
Frequency (MHz)  11 472
Polarization  H
Symbol Rate  23 450
FEC   5/6

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