Nika Gilauri presented Dimitry Shashkin

09, February 2009

Prime Minister of Georgia Nika Gilauri presented new minister Dimitry Shashkin in the ministry of penitentiary and probation and juridical aid.
As Nika Gilauri stated, one of the most important directions in the government is tense relations with civil society, NGOs, opposition and conduct of dialogue with them.
Gilauri says that Shashkin will head two directions. One will be dialogue with the society and the second will be ministry of penitentiary, probation and judicial affairs.
He says that Dimitry Shashkin was in non-governmental sector and that’s why he was selected as head of the above mentioned group.
Dimitry Shashkin stated that the government would do everything to improve conduct of dialogue with the society, opposition and NGOs.
"We’ll do everything to improve democratic process taking place in the country. We’ll carry out reforms in penitentiary system. Juridical aid will be increased in probation", - Dimitry Shashkin stated.




Television of Ajara has moved to new satellite
TurkSat 2A/3A   42.o E
Frequency (MHz)  11 472
Polarization  H
Symbol Rate  23 450
FEC   5/6

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