Earthquake was registered in Georgia yesterday

08, September 2009

Seismic Center obtain more details of yesterday’s earthquake in Georgia.
6 grade earthquake by Rikhter has had yesterday night, the epicenter was 10-15 km from South – East of  Oni.

As seismic center inform tremor was  in Tbilisi, Racha, Kakheti, Kutaisi. There are no victims. Houses are damaged in Oni district ( Racha). Seismologists state that there is no threat of another large–scaled earthquake in Georgia though they admit that slight tremors will occur for a month.




Television of Ajara has moved to new satellite
TurkSat 2A/3A   42.o E
Frequency (MHz)  11 472
Polarization  H
Symbol Rate  23 450
FEC   5/6

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